Spring Curb Appeal

Saturday Apr 09th, 2022


With spring "in the air", many home owners cannot wait to get outside and see if there are any early signs of green poking through the soil.

Now is the perfect time to begin working on your curb appeal.  Over the winter months we have all been busy enjoying the warmth of home and if you are like us, eagerly awaiting the beginning of the gardening season.  Now that spring has finally arrived and the temperature is warming up, we can pay attention to our homes curb appeal.  Curb Appeal can include raking the front lawn, flower beds and in some cases making sure you take a look at your gutters, to make sure they are not full of leaves from last fall.

Take a walk down your driveway and have a good, long look at your front yard, and consider how your home appears.  

Remember, you will only get one chance at making a first impression.

Our annual spring curb appeal list includes.

1. Raking leaves 

2. Clearing the eaves of leaves and tree debris from last fall/winter

3. Pruning shrubs

4. Cleaning windows and doors

5. Caulking the windows and doors if required

6. Touch up any paint that looks faded

7. Cleaning exterior light fixtures

8. Check the driveway for any damage from the past winter

Soon your spring garden will come to life and provide weeks of colour and spring blooms for everyone to enjoy.



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